Kore vs. Nexbelt Gun Belts: How do they compare?

Kore vs. Nexbelt Gun Belts: What to know about Kore gun belts

  • Kore gun belts are designed for men and typically feature more neutral designs for formal and casual occasions. 
  • Kore gun belts are most known for their smooth and sleek buckle design. 
  • Gun belt buckles are zinc alloy or stainless steel. 
  • The buckle mechanism uses a spring system. 
  • The buckles have two set screws and a row of teeth to hold the belt buckle in place. 
  • Belt bands are top-grain leather that is mineral tanned, also referred to as chrome tanning. The tanning process offers more protection from water and stains. There are also gun belts made of nylon, which is stiffer than leather and better for tactical purposes. 
  • Both leather and nylon gun belts have a unique reinforced power-core that makes the belt band stiff, so it doesn’t sag.  


Kore vs. Nexbelt Gun Belts: What to know about Nexbelt gun belts

  • Nexbelt offers a wide variety of gun belts and buckles intended for different purposes and styles. 
  • Nexbelt also offers belts designed for women. 
  • Nexbelt buckles are redesigned every few years for function and reliability. The company is currently producing its third version of gun buckles that features a stainless steel Hex-head screw in place of traditional pins. 
  • The buckle mechanism uses a magnet rather than a spring system, which the company says is more reliable. 
  • Nexbelt gun belts also have a redesigned strip of teeth used to secure the gun belt. The company says the strip, which is colored red to set it apart from other brands, is more durable than other popular designs. 
  • A unique sizing system marks measurements inside each belt band to make it easier to find your correct belt size. 

Regardless of which brand you choose, when it comes to Kore vs. Nexbelt gun belts each produce high-quality gun belts using various unique innovations. Both Kore and Nexbelt pay attention to customer needs and offer plenty of variety to accommodate different tastes and tactical purposes. 

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